HRA Federal COBRA compliance services include:

- All notices required by the Department of Labor and the Intemal Revenue Service.
- COBRA participant billing, receipt and reconciliation of monthly premiums and remittance to the plan sponsor.
- Maintenance of current employee census and participant status.
- Monthly reports to the clients conceming maintenance of proper documentation and tracking of COBRA activity.
- Monitoring of COBRA legislation, changes, updates and maintenance of current requirements and procedures for full compliance.
- Electronic archives of all correspondence that can be produced as needed for the client with required proof of mailing.
- On-call consultation with our staff during office hours and e-mail response to after-hours requests, as needed.

HRA Pennsylvania Mini-COBRA compliance services include:

- Required Qualifying notice
- Optional administration of COBRA participants (Employer may choose to administer participation in PA mini-COBRA)
- Termination notice at the end of the mandated COBRA term.

HRA Medical Reimbursement Plan Administrative Services include:

- Production of the required Plan Document, if needed.
- Set up and maintenance of a data base and tailored forms for processing requests for reimbursement.
- Bi-monthly reports of requests for reimbursements including individual, period summary and a to-date spreadsheet.
- Individual reports mailed to qualifed employees.

Human Resources America, Inc. now offers a 24/7 on line service for the benefit of our clients. COBRA Companion can be made available to employers who would like to use a paperless reporting system and have 24 hour access to their COBRA account with us. Once a client is added to the system all notices would be entered online. HRA, Inc. would then handle the required notifications, manage COBRA participants and payments as before.

What is COBRA Companion?
COBRA Companion is a web-based application that helps a third-party-administrator receive COBRA information quickly and accurately from the employer.

How does COBRA Companion work?
COBRA Companion works through the COBRA Administration software. The Employer logs in the entrees and Human Resources America staff send the required notices and archives paper and electronic copies.

What information can be sent using COBRA Companion?
COBRA Companion allows an employer to submit employee data for newly hired employees, COBRA qualifiers, and voluntary termination of group health coverage. In addition, it will maintain a log of each record entered.

How can I get more information on COBRA Companion?
Please contact Alena Loiselle or Linda Rall at Human Resources America, Inc. for information on a demonstration, set-up and costs.